What is a Digital Marketing Funnel

What are Digital Marketing Funnels and Why You Should Care

Digital marketing funnels are a really very powerful tool for your business. So you should look to understand these and how they can benefit your business online.

Much as a traditional funnels purpose is to move or channel an item or liquid from one area to another or one container to another. A digital marketing funnel serves a similar purpose.

What Does a Digital Marketing Funnel Do?

The digital marketing funnel channels prospects from outside your business. Into your business and through your business. So that they become customers and hopefully even repeat customers of your business.

So you can see these digital marketing funnels are really very powerful techniques if you are able to master them.

A digital marketing funnel template you will agree. Is therefore essential for your business. As it helps you get new customers and to grow your business.

What is a Digital Marketing Funnel


Benefits of Digital Marketing Funnels

A digital marketing funnel has been adapted from traditional marketing techniques. But improved in order to make the new online funnels even more powerful to make them available and to be able to automatically for you work on-line.

Digital marketing funnels can also be designed to be automated. So that they can operate 24/7. And therefore be funnelling new prospects into customers for you. Even while you sleep.

Digital Marketing Funnel Stages

Modern digital marketing funnels are often shown with 3 or 4 stages. And sometimes also even 4 to 5 stages. In this digital marketing funnel example we are going to show the 4 main stages.

But the principle is what we want to try and understand today of the digital marketing funnel. It doesn't matter so much how many stages there are for this.

So in this example you can see there is a top a middle and a bottom to the funnel, just like traditional funnels.

Also the colours here represent the stages of the prospect within the digital marketing content funnels.

So the blue at the top of the funnels represents the cold prospects coming into your business.

And the green and orange stages at the middle of the funnels is representing your warmer prospects which your business has been able to attain.

The Stages of a Digital Marketing Funnel

And at the bottom of the funnels is the red stage. At the bottom of the funnels this is representing your hot prospects or potential buyers of your products within your business.

So the funnel tactics of the digital marketing funnels is to funnel your prospects or your potential buyers into your business.

And at each stage of the funnel, the funnel stage purpose is to move the prospects to the next stage of the funnel.

With the eventual aim to ultimately convert them into buyers.

If you focus on these specific stages and their respective functions within the sales funnels you will understand that by focusing on these specific stages and improving their efforts within each stage. You will be able to improve the overall output and profitability of your own digital marketing funnels.

And that should be your focus for you. To improve each stage of your digital marketing funnels as much as possible. All these small incremental improvements, will then accumulate to show you dividends.

The Sequence of Modern Marketing Funnel Stages

At the Top of the Funnel this is the first contact with the customer, getting their attention and letting them know you are in the market and able to supply their product.

AIDA process - Digital Marketing Funnel

The Second stage of the Funnel this is where we are educating the prospects and building a relationship with them.

At the Third stage of the Funnel this is where we are giving value and building trust with our prospects.

And at the Fourth stage, at the bottom of the funnels, this is where we are looking to turn our prospects into buyers.

We do this by making the process as easy as possible.

Our aim is that we want to be supporting the purchase and the buying decision.

In order to make the process is as simple and uncomplicated as possible.

As a result we should have less abandoned shopping carts and last minute buyers changing their minds.

We could also add more testimonials at this point to reinforce the decision.

Or offer payment terms, secure shopping carts or any other feature which we can introduce. By testing these we can ensure that these changes are having a positive impact on the final sales process.

I hope you enjoyed this digital marketing funnel 2020 content and this has given you some better understanding about what these funnels are and how they can benefit your business. Don't forget to Like and Share.

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