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Customer Acquisition Funnel Awareness & How to Leverage this Tech

Previously we covered an overview of digital marketing funnels or customer funnels and the different stages of a funnel.

In this post we will cover the the customer acquisition funnel and how the stages of these digital marketing funnels work. And also why the automation of the customer acquisition process is essential to start leveraging in your business to improve the customer journey and the improve the customer acquisition process.
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We will also explain what you need to know about the marketing funnel, and cover recent changes and challenges for business owners.

What is A Customer Acquisition Funnel

The customer acquisition funnel is a process in which we can build an automated sales funnel system. Which will automatically move our prospective buyers along a predefined sequence. Which will be optimised to increase the sales for your business. Previously we described the funnel stages as top, middle and bottom for simplicity. And introduced the marketing principle of AIDA which stands for the following:

    • Attention or Awareness
    • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

The key role of the funnel stages are important to understand in this online marketing principle.

Customer Acquisition Conversion Funnel

The top of the funnel is where you keep filling your business funnels with new prospects in your lead generation and customer acquisition process. This is called the Prospecting System. Or also known as the Customer Awareness stage of the marketing funnels.

As this is where in the customer acquisition process your potential customers first become aware of your business.

At this stage prospects are usually drawn into your business channel. Through your broad marketing and customer acquisition strategies that you undertake. The prospect discovers you by their consumer research. And discovery or awareness of your brand, products or services.

The Funnel Model for Customer Acquisition Conversion and Retention

At this stage of the marketing funnel brand awareness is beginning to be established. This is achieved by your broad marketing activities. Which you undertake in your online and offline marketing campaigns.

This can be activities such us offline activities like direct mail, flyer's, billboards, events, offline advertising and trade shows. Or your on-line content such as webinars, your website, videos, social media social media campaigns, online advertising, on-line search engine results and more.

Within the sales funnel model of new consumer acquisition conversion and retention. These brand or product awareness strategies that you are undertaking need to be constant background activities.

However small these user acquisition activities are, they need to be maintained. These are liking priming the pump for the prospects of your business. And will maintain the lifeblood of your business.

customer acquisition conversion funnel

Marketing Funnel Stages and Conversions

For the best use of your funds and resources, You can begin this Prospecting activity with a narrow customer acquisition strategy focus.

And then you can widen the focus of activity when you are comfortable that your business can manage the increase in business activity.

Also that the method is working well to expand your customer base and drive your business growth. As you gain the feedback from previous marketing channel campaigns of whatever type.

So these marketing funnel stages are assessed for the customer acquisition cost and the understanding of their effectiveness. At each of the funnel stages. And whether they should be repeated. Like seasonal events, promotions, discounts. Or other events you would cycle through at intervals. Or repeat more often, depending on your market and the results.

what is customer acquisition funnel

What is the The Correct Customer Acquisition Funnel Template

No matter what kind of purchase customers are looking to make. Or how much they are looking to spend. When it comes to deciding what to buy. A customer journey will follow relatively similar paths within your business purchase funnel.

This buying process, or the stages of the buying process, were first introduced by John Dewey in 1910. But now, even after nearly, 110 years. This buying process is still the foundation. That you should know. To understand the buyer's behaviour. This is helpful for your business. As it will help you be able to predict the prospect's behaviour and customer experience. And will help you in your marketing funnel creation to supercharge your customer acquisition.

That means you will need to track the metrics of your funnel in as much detail as possible. These metrics will show you your user acquisition funnel weak points. And help you understand whether your actions. To improve the flow within the funnel stages and between the stages are working correctly. By identifying any blockage points in your customer acquisition funnel. And recognising what your actual customer concerns and motivations. And then making adjustments to improve the conversions between the stages of your sales funnel. You will be able to greatly improve the sales output of your business. And your knowledge of your customer acquisition funnels awareness.

customer acquisition funnel

The Customer Acquisition Conversion Funnel

So you should really keep adding to and tweaking the customer acquisition funnel. In order to get it as optimized as possible over time. And running like a well made machine. So it is the most effective at converting visitors into paying customers.

Here the lead generation takes place, as information is collected. And customer leads or prospects are pulled into the system for nurturing further down the sales funnel.

The best strategy is that you want the beginning of the acquisition funnel as wide as possible. In order to acquire more visitors and prospects. But you need the other areas of the funnel that are below. Working in a way to gain value from the prospecting and to optimize the client relationship. You can then go on to build more of these funnels to acquire more clients and drive more sales revenue from your buyers on the web.

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