stages of the sales funnel explained

Stages of The Sales Funnel Explained and How to Benefit From These in Your Business

What is a Sales Funnel?

In the stages of the sales funnel explained we are going to go over sales funnel stages. And how understanding these will benefit your business growth online.
Previously we covered funnel stages and the customer awareness stages of a digital marketing funnel. These represent the first stages of the sales funnels. Or Top Of the Funnel (TOFU).
Here the traffic, after you have got their initial attention, enters your sales funnels. In order to take the first step of the leads or prospects journey into your marketing funnel.
In this post we will recap the strategy of the Middle Of the Funnel (MOFU) briefly. And how these work to bring essential automation into your business. Explaining how automating the stages of the sales funnel can save you effort and costs in your customer conversions and marketing processes.
So at the first stages of the sales funnel we have established the customer awareness and our aim now is to build the relationship and create or establish trust.
Or in marketing terms develop further the prospects Interest and Desire of the AIDA model.
AIDA - The Purchase Funnel

Flipping the Funnel: Marketing and the Customer Experience

sales funnel stages

In the middle stages of the funnels is where everything happens. After you have gotten a prospect to enter one of your sales funnels. Here the prospect nurturing and focused funnel strategies will take place. This is also known as the Sales Conversion System. As your aim is ultimately to help a lead or prospect, take the next steps in your sales funnels process.
We need the middle stage of the online sales funnel explained here, to complete successfully. In order for someone to make a purchase or support their initial buying decision. In order to become future potential buyers of your company products or services.

Middle Stages of the Sales Funnel Best Practices & Power

This stage for businesses is one of the most powerful areas of the purchasing funnels. As this is where you can leverage the most automation in your selling and marketing processes. Your prospects can learn a lot about how your products work online and provide them a good explanation of the benefits of your products and services using rich online media.
At the middle stages of the sales funnels. You want to slowly build trust with your potential customers. And then move them along the sales funnel. Developing trust by following basic and a simple framework of steps. Makes all the difference in the customer acquisition process. In order to eventually convert them to buying one of your products.

Benefits of Automation in the Sales Funnel

traditional sales model
The approach that you follow here. Can be varied depending on your market  And what best works for your prospects within their purchasing life-cycle. But the aim is always the same to build trust.
Using automation makes this all manageable. As you can send newsletters, emails, whitepapers, social media content, info-graphic, videos or a mixture of content to best suit your market. All these items are sent on a predefined schedule you establish. This is all sent automatically when you have the series ready to go so becomes totally hands free. Once all set up, the funnels will keep your nurture pipeline full and generate your sales team a frequent stream of buyers continuously. And deliver your company the increased growth you need.

The Customer Experience Funnel Explained

Whereas the previous use of this type of content was used at the Prospecting stages. The material we use now at this stage of the sales funnel, needs to be educational and detailed. It should be as specifically tailored to the prospect as possible. And describes exactly what quality they are searching for. To illustrate exactly what the consumer needs.
So for example if you are selling kitchen cabinets. The process should be educational and targeted specifically about each product of the range. You should describe or compare items within a range. If you want to be most successful. Rather than be generic about the whole product ranges. You want to have very specific focus, explaining the products to relate to goal of the buyer need. In order for them to take the next step in the customer funnel journey to make a purchase. Remember do not use jargon in your explanations. And they should be explained for beginners of your products.
surveying prospects in the sales funnel
The Conversion system can also test what is being sent for conversions or open rates. It can also survey customers to understand objections or to tailor content more specifically to them.

Marketing Funnel Stages and Conversions

Within the sales funnel stages, you can also segment prospects. Depending on their behaviour to create a sales funnel which converts well. Offering discounts or different priced products.
stages of the sales funnel explained
The sale process may be different for different prospects but by having various price points and offers throughout the year you may convert prospects that previously you may have lost.
So you can see the middle stage of the marketing funnel, the Conversion system is a very powerful sales process method for your business that you should look to employ.

Sales Funnel Fine Tuning

If set up correctly this sales funnel will continue to do its function, over and over. The sales pipeline will turn your prospects into your customers again and again. Once you start to set up a sales funnel and get it working well, even a basic digital marketing sales funnel. Your marketing and sales team will no longer need to rely on just your traditional sales funnel.
And you can tweak this over time to get it running like a finely tuned machine. So that it gets even more powerful over time. And you can of course keep adding to it and build more funnels in other areas. In order to maximise the traditional marketing principles. This is why these funnels work so well.

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